Around The Block

Meet some of the members of our block at their personal websites. While you’re there, order a book or two. You’ll be richly blessed!

Dawn Adams — Writer of mainstream fiction, poetry and instructional non-fiction
Barbra Porter Coleman — Writer of mainstream and suspense fiction novels and short stories
Midge Caldwell —
Victoria Childress — Writer of travel memoirs, essays, short fiction and novels;
Vivi Monroe Congress —;;
Danette Cross — Writer of poetry, songs and inspirational non-fiction;
Erin Cross — Writer of songs, music and poetry
Toyette Dowdell —
Writer of murder mysteries
Ann Fields —
Darryl K. Johnson — Writer of fiction self-help
Linda Jones —
Sharon Jones-Scaife —
Shannon Kelley — Writer of poems and non-fiction
Ingrid Lawton — Writer of fiction, non-fiction, screenplays and memoirs
Yvonne Michelle  — Writer of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and freelance articles
Detra S. Moore — Writer of non-fiction, self-help and inspirational non-fiction books, articles and curriculum
Steven Perkins — Writer of non-fiction, blogger and publisher
Sharron C. Pete — Writer of Christian and mainstream fiction and non-fiction
Kim Robinson —
Michelle Rowley — Writer of inspirational non-fiction, memoir and poetry
Toni Scott —
Angela Shearry Sneed —
Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and songs
Faith Simone –
Bennye Thomas — Writer of mainstream fiction and inspirational non-fiction
Kisura Usiku — Writer of fiction, essays and poetry