Block Programs

To support the mission and objectives of WBI, the following programs exist:

Monthly Meetings Pict• Meetings — Conducted for guests and members. Attendees receive education through mini-workshops, networking opportunities, and exposure to industry news and updates. Meetings are held the third Saturday of January, March, May and September from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at Lucky Dog Books (Oak Cliff location).



planned critque pict• Planned Critique Sessions (PCS) — Monthly, members of WBI gather for a critique session to provide in- depth, constructive feedback on eight to ten pages of a member’s work-in-progress. PCS aids in education, development, support and encouragement.




scholarship• Scholarship Award — Scholarship(s) are awarded to young African-American student(s) to assist them in their pursuit of a degree and career in the literary field. To apply for a scholarship and/or read more about the criteria, please click here.




WBI Anthology• Anthology — A compilation book, featuring works by various members of the Writer’s Block, is published regularly. It contains short stories, essays, poems, affirmations and prose in a beautiful presentation. To order your copy, please click the Buy Now button. Total Price includes 9.99 + 2.07 shipping (Total Price $12.06)




crafting the craft• Writer’s Retreat — An annual retreat for writer’s to write, write, write! This three day retreat is for the serious writer who wants to advance a work-in-progress and/or receive valuable feedback. The retreat is held in a natural setting that offers plenty of fresh air, serenity, inspiration and creativity. The Writer’s Retreat is open to all writers of all genres. For more information, please click here.


block events 2

Block Events• Block Events – WBI supports and promotes African-American literary events, authors and literature through financial contributions, marketing, attendance, hosting and volunteerism. Such events include Poetry Out Loud, book signings, readings, Write-Ins, poetry contests, workshops and more.