Our Block

Filling the world with black writers and black literature!


The Writer’s Block, Inc. (WBI) exists to support the growth and advancement of aspiring and published, youth and adult, African-American writers of all genres and to promote African-American literature, authors, and literary events.


In August 1996, three women met at the Irving (Texas) Public Library for the first meeting of The Writer’s Block. Those women were: Ann Fields, Lavonne Kelley and Breggett Rideau. Within months, using word of mouth and flyers, the group had grown and the foundation of the group was set, that being, a common love of the written word in all forms and a desire to help each other achieve personal writing goals. In July 2004, WBI achieved non-profit status and has expanded the love of the written word to provide educational services, charitable opportunities, and literary events. WBI is committed to its motto of reaching for the stars because God owns them!


Since its founding, WBI has always been focused on supporting African-American writers and authors of all genres. The organization was formed because of a need to create a unified neighborhood or “block” where writers of a common background, shared interests, related cultural nuances and experiences come together in a loving, supportive, safe environment to grow and develop. Through this environment, any writer’s “block” is unblocked, allowing the voices of African-American writers to ring free with the stories of our uniqueness and flavor.

To this end, WBI maintains three objectives:
1. To assist and support its members in achieving their writing goals through education, exposure, networking, marketing, and recognition.
2. To support the advancement and growth of young African-American writers who desire a career in the literary field.
3. To support African-American literary interests in the community through partnerships, financial support, marketing, volunteerism, attendance, etc.


WBI is a 501c3 membership organization. As such, it is regulated by federal and state non-profit, tax-exempt laws. Members act as the governing body and officers are elected yearly to oversee the direction and growth of the group.